Handbook of Telemedicine  

Edited by

Prof. Olga Ferrer-Roca MD, PhD

Project Manager CATAI-Telemed Leonardo Project
President, CATAI Consortium
Full Professor of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine,
University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Dr. Marcelo Sosa-Iudicissa MD

Scientist and Projects Administrator, Manager STOA Office in Brussels
European Parliament, Scientific and Technological Options Assessment,
STOA, Brussels

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Handbook of Telemedicine

Olga Ferrer-Roca
Marcelo Sosa-Iudicissa

    The Handbook of Telemedicine is a result of the CATAI-Telemedicine project (http://www.uniud.it/drmm/anpat/gallery/pathgallery.html), financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Community, an action programme in the field of vocational training. For additional information on the Leonardo da Vinci Programme please see http://europa.eu.int/en/comm/dg22/leonardo.html. The purpose of this book is to serve for the introduction of telemedicine as a course study at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of training of health sciences professionals in Europe.


Catai-Telemedicine Consortium:


Project Co-ordinator:

* Spain: O. Ferrer-Roca

Project Partners:

* Austria: Th. Mairinger

* France: F. Allaert

* Greece: A. Kastania, S. Markidou,

* Germany: Teles GmbH

* Italy: C. Ruggiero, V. Della Mea,

* Norway: S. Pedersen

* Portugal: A. Sousa

* UK: R. Wootton


Co-opted: M. Sosa-Iudicissa, Brussels

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